Resistance is Fertile


Electronic Art: Resistance is Futile

Resistance is Fertile

Resistance is Necessary

The well-known electronic art event ISEA comes to Sydney in the middle of next year. ISEA 2013 will be held in Sydney and is playing around with the ironic theme “Resistance is Futile”.

Kathy Cleland, Marcus Westbury and I have each had a bit of a go at opening up some of the issues that will make up the theme for exhibitions, workshops, presentations and other contributions to the festival and symposium aspects of the event.

We’ve also had a few roundtables at Carriageworks to develop the ideas further. I’m starting to like the way people are playing with the idea and coming up with their own responses to the idea.

Have a read of the articles here at the ANAT Filter site.

Stay in touch with calls for work at the ISEA 2013 site.