My Own Private Airspace

I’ve been in process with this project for almost a year now, and looking forward to start to resolve it into a new series of works. I’m playing with a new working title, alluding to Gus Van Sant’s Keanu Reeves/River Phoenix vehicle (itself full of allusions to the B 52s and other cultural time-warps). Not sure if it’s too “myspacey”, or whether people will think that I really think I have my own personal airspace.

Regardless,I like the overall feel of the new video output, some of which can be found here.

These are some of many new videos I’m working on with Leo Martyn as part of a large project to map the experience of air travel through the invisible lines traced across the planet daily. They are cross-sections through time and space, idiosyncratic mappings of my own personal air travel over the past ten years. Here in one frame we can see the traces of my journeys up in the air and connecting to the terminal spaces that define the edges of global airways.

Looks like Lawrence English is all set to work with me on the sound for the piece. His Airport Symphony work was great, and he’s been off recording and mixing a whole bunch of new airport sound/music since that piece was launched. You can buy the double CD from his Room40 label (and check out a whole swag of other excellent independent experimental and electronica stuff).

Building upon work done with Mr Snow and Zina Kaye in 2007, this will be a mega collection of airpsaces I have entered into, negotiated and traversed. To me they are like spindly “air-tenrils” that connect me to the air from the ground up into the sky, and across fairly large temporal zones (if you reckon a decade is a long time to travel in time).

Clearly defined by the rules and regulations of air traffic control and the carving up and management of international airways, this project is an extension of earlier mobility research projects I have been working on for some time.