Remix Machine

You win some you lose some. Elvis Richardson and I are working on a new project, writing grant proposals and tyring to work out how to realise this piece. We got the Artspace studio residency to work on the project, but not the VACB $$$ to make it.

Here’s what we’ve started working on so far during the residency, and here’s our new project proposal developed during our time at Artspace.

Check out Elvis’s incredible test pattern videos she’s recently shown in Sydney at her fab website.

Even better, go check out the extremely cool art editons you can buy at her paypal site [yes, an artist with paypal, how good is that!]

Here’s the basic outline of the project:

“The Incredible VHS Video Remix Machine” is the working title of a collaborative project by Ross Rudesch Harley and Elvis Richardson. The project has been initiated to create the opportunity to bring together the two artists’ video archives to create a purpose-built video remix machine / interactive sculpture. The new work incorporates Harleys meticuously catalogued collection of recorded classic movies and documentaries compiled during the 80’s, and Richardson’s potentially infinite amassing of discarded VHS tapes of home recordings from network television.


The artists will ruminate on the nature of each archive, in a search to discover within the hard cased black boxes of recorded VHS cassettes, connections between the personal and public of these aesthetic and material memories. We want to create order and add a little bit of remix chaos to the idiosynchratic categories we find in our collections.

The artists VHS archives will form the raw material or data for the programming of a new invention. We envisage the work as an interactive installation where the viewer will drive the ‘live’ projections in a purpose built sculpture/installation. Geometric stacks of VHS tapes will be chosen by the audience to play through one of 16 VHS players connected via an 8×8 video matrix box to four video projectors and a “live” 5.1 surround sound mix.


The artists plan to consolidate this project through a residency at Artspace Sydney, where a project office will be set up to co-ordinate the research and construction. We will also develop the conceptual framework for the presentation and operation of the unit from our Artspace base.


The project has confirmed exhibition at Ocular Lab in Melbourne in 2008. The artists are currently proposing the project to numerous galleries including Artspace, Breadbox in Sydney, and ACCA, CCP and ACP and Experimenta in Melbourne. We will also propose the work for the next ISEA.