Cardoso Flea Circus Video

Cardoso Flea Circus Video, 8 min colour video, co-directed with Maria Fernanda Cardoso, 1997: Medianale, Berlin, 1997; Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, 1997; Espacio Vacio, Bogota; Norton Museum, Florida, 1998; VideoBrasil, Sao Paulo, 1998; Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media, 1998; AV-arkki, Helsinki, 1998; Philadelphia International Film
1998; Festival.Medianale, Berlin Film Festival, 1998; MuuMediaFestival X,Helsinki, 1998; SBS TV Australia, 1998-2000; 98, Sydney; Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2000.

Cardoso Flea Circus Installation, including video installation, tent, arena, props, audio works, DVD compilation (colour video, duration variable), purchased by the Tate Gallery London in 2007.