Emuwear [White Channel]

New two channel video installation with Mafu at Casula Powerhouse. These feature the emu wall pieces and incredible outfits made by Mafu out of zillions of emu feathers. Part performance, part fashion, part “animal-morphism”, these videos sit side by side the racks of emuwear on display on the second floor at the newly re-opened Casula Powerhouse. From their website:


Casula Powerhouse commissioned Australia’s hottest contemporary visual artists to transform the newly refurbished arts centre into a spectacle of colour, texture and movement. Combined, the artists have 40 biennales between them, and are among the most exciting practitioners today. The exhibition features 12 new works, in a variety of mediums including sculpture, painting, installation and textiles.

Like most Australians the artists have cultural and family ties in other places and it is this which informs their work. Australian celebrates the complexity that makes this country such an interesting place to live and presents some of the freshest and most dynamic work being created in this country today.

Nicholas Tsoutas

Assistant Curator
Brianna Munting

Maria Fernanda Cardoso collaborating with Ross Rudesch Harley, Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy, Shaun Gladwell, David Griggs, Gordon Hookey, Dani Marti, Raquel Ormella, Nike Savvas and Stephen Little, Sardar Sinjawi, Suzann Victor, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn collaborating with Richard Johnson and Guan Wei