Loom-O-Rama Videos

VHS movie distribution company logos morphed into a form that matches the installation concept of “Loom-O-Rama“: the interlacing of video tape in an unexpected kinetic visual form.

In the heyday of VHS, the logos seemed to suggest there was a stellar quality to the content and packaging alike. When VHS was new, barely 30 years ago, it represented the heights of domestic recording products: the Video Home System everybody longed to own.

Looking at all the distributor’s logos at the head of each tape today, it seems EVERYBODY wanted to put their company into outer space. Set against sparkling galaxies and stars, it’s as if this technology were so advanced, it could only have come from the heavens above.

Or maybe that’s just the result of the new video FX devices (another kind of black box) that were used to generate the video distributors’ identity.

These videos also relate directly to the kaleidoscopic “string art” video wall pieces made out of lengths of VHS tape and displayed on the opposite wall in the installation version of this piece.

VHS BOX“, Ross Harley and Elvis Richardson, colour video projection loop, 2008.

VHS Logo Heaven“, (Ross Harley and Elvis Richardson) 2.30, colour video, 2008.

“Movie Break 01: On the Waterfront”, (Ross Harley and Elvis Richardson) 2.30, colour video, 2008.

“Movie Break” concept edit. Condensed broadcast movie, captured on VHS and then distilled to remove the movie’s content and retain only the ad breaks.

The commercial logic of broadcast television recorded and exposed by VHS manipulations.