Tableaux Vivant TV

Been hard at work with a dedicated crew to produce Christian Jankowski’s new work for the Biennale of Sydney, opening on Tuesday 11 May. Andrew Frost (of Art Life fame)is appearing in front of the camera and coproducing the work which will also appear on ABCTV’s “Art Nation” in four separate segments. Simon von Wolkenstein is behind the camera, capturing some beautifully lit scenes in a bunch of pretty cool locations — like Quay Restaurant on Sydney’s harbour, thanks to the generosity of Leon Fink. Melissa Ratliff at the Biennale has been getting the least sleep of anybody as the countdown to the opening continues, and COFA students and alumni (Karl Emmett, Jo Skinner and Hugh Marchant) have been doing a great job assisting in the production.Check out a bit more on the shoot on the new COFA blog.

Here’s a bit about the project from Christian:

The art work will consist of TV Journalists reporting on the production of an artwork which will become the artwork itself ‘reporting’ live from the inside of art production. The journalists will find different theater-like settings, staged in the style of a tableau vivant with “frozen” artists, actors and people that in fact work for the biennale. The TV-journalists are requested to inform the public about the situations they are facing, ( e.g. the location the happening takes place, the activity that is represented by the participants of the tableau vivant) in the style of a reporter reporting live from the site of action. Their reports will form part of Christian Jankowski´s video work shown at the Biennale in a work that reflects on the creation of art, journalism, and the media-spectacle of large cultural events such as biennales.