The Digital Garden V.4

The Digital Garden V.4, 5 channel video-computer projection installation, “Experimenta”, Melbourne, 1994.

From the catalogue:


The Digital Garden is an on-going computer graphic project which focuses on the changing relations between natural and artificial environments. Despite its mythic paradisiacal associations, the garden is no stranger to the world of artifice, machinery or technology. In essence the garden, from its Persian, Egyptian, Chinese and European origins, is an arrangement of natural elements, reproducing a ‘living picture’ that might arouse the same feelings that one may experience far from the reaches of human invention.

The Digital Garden will imitate the patterns of biological and electronic growth in real-time, allowing the visitor to produce an ever changing variety of life forms in a garden that is at once familiar and bizarre. The Digital Garden has previously been exhibited at Prix Ars Electronica ’93, Austria, and in Cologne, Germany.