Cara de Busetas | Busface

Cara de Busetas is a photo+media installation project by Collectivo Ejecutivo, a small group of artists working on art+media+installation projects between Australia and the Americas.

Their most recent installation consists of works that depict the distinctive ‘faces’ of Bogota’s private mini-buses. In Colombia, each and every bus that roams the city streets has been customised by their owner to reflect their own personality. Unlike most metropolitan buses elsewhere, each bus is absolutely unique in terms of design, decoration, colour and modifications to bodywork.

Working with the anthropomorphic personality of these buses in the context of an urban visual anthropology, Ejecutivo Collectivo have created an exciting series of luminous images, paintings and objects that reflect upon a custom-culture that is in stark contrast to the present regime of standardization that now dominates the global metropolis.

As these hand-made buses are nearing the end of their lives, they are gradually being replaced by sleek anonymous buses run by the local administration.

This exhibition then, presents an important intervention into the way we think and feel about the shifting and dynamic spaces of contemporary culture.

Ejecutivo Collectivo are:

Maria Fernanda Cardoso
Rodrigo Facundo
Ross Rudesch Harley